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Now that I'm the stay-at-home type mostly, he's stuck paying for everything.

One of the funniest moments of our pre-relationship (we worked together, both nursing crushes for 6 months before I made the first move) was when we were talking about Bones and he mentioned that some Japanese men find Caucasian women very attractive. This is why it took 6 months to get things started. I'll jump in here as a man, if I may, although my situation is the opposite way round.

Japan foreign marriage is a phenomenon occurring in rural Japan.

In recent years rural Japanese men have begun taking foreign brides as a way of countering the reduced number of women who are of marriageable, childbearing age that are willing to marry rural Japanese men.

According to my Japanese husband, a Japanese man with a foreign girlfriend is seen to be 1) rich and/or 2) well endowed. Some of what you said holds true for my relationship, too-- like expectations of a psychic nature and general PDA, but because my guy spent puberty in England, he's a bit weird for here, I guess.

Their weird beliefs about genital size stretch so far as my husband's coworkers inquiring as to my "capacity" early in his days working at his company. I hate them and never have to meet them, and he gets to be known as Mr. Most of the really successful relationships between foreign women and Japanese men that I've seen involve guys who spent serious time abroad.

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While there are still many available women of marrying and childbearing age now, the trend of aging in Japanese society will become self-sustaining at some point.And at the same time there’s only a very tiny number of foreign (read: non-Asian) women with Japanese men next to them. Maybe that’s a secret we’ll never quite get, but there are many theories!A lot of Japanese women want a guy that tells them several times a day how much he loves them.My guy doesn't mind having fights, loudly, in public, in English, but I do.

When we started dating, I earned more than he did (by a lot), so I paid for a lot of things.In Japan, no matter how good your Japanese is, how many Japanese friends you have, or how well you speak the language, you will always be the foreigner.There’s a teacher at my school who is half Belgian and half Okinawan. They have their own rules, social cues, and expectations. I’m not an expert, but I think almost three years of observation has me qualified to know some things.The phenomenon has created a new industry of foreign marriage brokering that uses both local governments It is difficult to identify a single direct cause for the practice of foreign brides because it is really the product of an environment.